Going into my third year of using Project Life, I am reflecting on what works for me and how my approach continues to evolve. What worked? And what didn’t work?

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Month vs Week approach – For me, capturing memories by month works way better for me vs capturing each week. My photos are organized by month on PC and I reference my calendar for any tidbits I might not have a photo for. I just add photos as I go on through the month. At the beginning of the next month, i just double check that I’ve captured everything I want to include.

Printing at home – I am definitely an instant gratification girl when it comes to having my photos printed. I love my Epson Artisan printer! That being said, there are tidbits I would like to have already printed and ready to insert. I’ll probably have those printed at walgreens.1 jan page 5 and 6

Tidbits – Speaking of tidbits….. Pinterest has a gazillion of them! I included a lot last year. Definitely something I will do again. Check out my board. I just love them. They reflect me completely – faith and coffee! LOL!

Page Inserts – I am an addict! I have Becky’s for sure. Plus everyone else who makes them! I like variety, what can i say?

Photos of me – didn’t work at all! I’m the one holding the camera! I need to include some selfies this year and/or have my husband take a few shots of me. I am almost completely absent in my 2012 album.

I look forward to capturing another year of our memories to look back on in the future. May this year be a great one for you!


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