Well this week is my first week with my new Fancy Pants Planner from Start Planner. I love it! But I can’t ever leave anything alone! I’m always modifying my inserts to suit my needs. She had the weekly groceries on her page with 3 columns and notes in the bottom. ┬áMy writing isn’t tiny enough for 3 columns, so I made 2 instead. And I like the idea of having the weekly menu on the same page.

2016-08-02 12.12.03

My to do list is by week instead of day so again I modified the page. What’s missing is my chores list and quote that I like to chew on throughout the week. I’m thinking of adding a third page to my week, but not too shabby for my first try!

2016-08-02 12.11.50How’s your week coming along?

2016-08-02 12.11.31Supplies include:





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