We felt that Jared had outgrown his easybox lunch with plastic muffin cups and cutouts that I’ve been using for him since preschool. This year, now that he’s a big 5th grader, we found something a little more age appropriate.

We came across these lunchbox kits at Belk’s made by Fit & Fresh. They are perfect for him. As a tween, he loves the blue skater skull design, so he can go to school feeling cool and not like a little kit.


It comes insulated with icepacks to keep his lunch cool, something I wasn’t able to do with the easybox lunch set up before.


I also has two sections with lids if I want to cover a salad or yogurt.


Overall, we’re really happy with this step. I miss my cute little bento sandwich presses from his preschool days though. :-)


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