Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
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I think this cupcake is one of my finest . It’s a chocolate chip cupcake filled with cannoli cream and topped off with a whipped cream mascarpone frosting. I adapted this chocolate chip cupcake recipe from Jamie’s My Baking Addiction blog. I am a huge fan!

I wanted to change up Jamie’s recipe a bit, so i filled them with a chocolate chip orange cannoli cream that i pulled from a cannoli recipe at epicurious. It called for candied orange peel, which you know i also had to make myself too!

choc chip cannoli cupcake

I wanted the frosting to be light and fluffy and not too sweet so I whipped up 2 cups of heavy cream and folded it into 8 ounces of mascarpone cheese, 2 tsp of vanilla and a cup of powdered sugar. I then tinted it with a little bit of blue and piped them with a big rounded 11/16 inch piping tube. Lastly, i topped them with sugar snowflakes and little silver stars. LOVE! Make up a batch and let me know how they come out. Enjoy!

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