Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for me. My feed is full of project life, recipes, cupcakes and essential oil tips. I’ve seen several gals sharing how they clean their make up brushes. While I use my oils to clean just about everything else in the house, I’m afraid that cleaning my makeup brushes didn’t occur to me. Learning about dead skin, dirt and bacteria that I kept putting back on my face? YUCK. It’s never too late to change, so today I gave them a quick cleaning!

I had everything I needed already in the pantry so I was ready to begin. You’ll need:


Pour a teaspoon of olive oil onto a clean washcloth. Then swipe your brush back and forth on the olive oil. Then move to a clean spot on the washcloth to begin removing the makeup and debris.


Add 1 teaspoon castile soap to 1/2 cup of warm water in a ramekin or small bowl.


Add 1 drop of lavender to the bowl.

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Swish the brush in the mixture and gently run your fingers down the bristles, massaging it, removing any makeup and ickiness.


Run hot water over the brush to rinse. Squeeze the water out and reshape the brush and let dry. Easy peasy! Now you have a clean brush!


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