Ali Edwards came up with this series, A Day In The Life, where we capture a whole day from start to finish. She’s taught me to appreciate the everyday moments that make up our lives.  The last Day In The Life I did was in 2013. Last year was too crazy with moving to a new state that I didn’t jump on the train (oops). But this year I jumped back on! Instead of creating a separate album for it, I’m just going to insert it within the pockets of my project life album.

Here’s the pics that made up my day. Not sure if all of them will end up in the album, but I like to have choices.

2015-05-13 09.12.09

I use my iPhone as my alarm clock, so when it went of at 6:30 am i took a selfie.

2015-05-13 09.40.17I start my day with a cup of warm water and a few drops of lemon to cleanse my system out and wake me up.

2015-05-13 16.04.51Then I drive my son to school at 7:10 am.

2015-05-12 10.11.35


I’m taking care of my adrenal fatigue so I have my power meal shake and my supplements for breakfast.

2015-05-13 10.18.35

2015-05-12 10.20.14

2015-05-13 14.05.46


I answer essential oil questions, share stories, and do some research for a friend.

2015-05-13 12.40.32

I have a fennel salad for lunch about 12:30. Then I do more work and get ready to pick up Jared from school.

2015-05-13 14.58.39

2015-05-13 14.49.51

2015-05-13 14.50.15

I like to capture the weather of the day as well. This is from the Solar app.

2015-05-13 16.07.38

Home sweet home.

2015-05-13 14.04.53

I work on a teacher’s gift for my son. She uses the diffuser we gave her for Christmas all the time, so i’m going to add a few roll ons and samples to her stash.

2015-05-13 14.55.10

2015-05-13 17.55.42Enjoying some warm sunshine with my son outside.

2015-05-13 18.11.49


2015-05-13 16.39.20About 4:30 I start to make dinner. Corn chowder. YUM. These two chili powders rock!

2015-05-13 17.27.34


2015-05-13 19.03.39Evening Mexican dominos.

2015-05-13 21.25.38Sleepyze in the diffuser for Jared at 9:00 pm.

2015-05-13 21.26.03

Nighty Night!






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