I retired from my corporate America job in June to pursue my passions. I wanted to be a better mom, to be able to be at school for parties and chaperone field trips. I didn’t want my motherhood to be fit in the margins of my job anymore. I wanted to finally pursue my creative side that I was built for to begin with. I never really fit into the corporate gig. My love for cooking has only increased and it’s improved. I’m really happy about that! And I wanted to make Young Living Essential Oils my paycheck job. So many around me have left their jobs, even their husbands have been able to leave their jobs, to share the oil love full time.

Am I making big money yet? Nope. I sometimes wonder if I retiring was the right thing. Well let’s see…. This month, I met a woman who suffers with arthritis and fibromyalgia. Was I able to help her? Yes. I met a fellow mom at school who wanted to learn more about Thieves. Was I able to help her? Yes. Just yesterday my dad asked me for oils that help with pain in his knees. That alone is a miracle because my dad isn’t into all this natural stuff! Was I able to help him? Yes. And today, I get this amazing gift in the mail from one of my enrollments. Malak is a close friend of my sister, Erica. She’s the coolest chick ever! That she even wants to talk to an old gal like me is amazing. That she took time and spent money to thank me for introducing her to oils? Yes, I’d say I did the right thing. I am supercharged because of her thoughtfulness. 2015 is going to be awesome!

I used one of Ali’s digital frames, some Christmas washi tape, a photo of candy from a Williams Sonoma catalog and the number 17 from my stash.

Supplies included:



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