I finally was able to finish my album! Woot! December 10 we bought Despicable Me 2 and had family movie time.
dec 10

I love using my sewing machine and sequins. Cute!

dec 11

I bought from amazon a coin collector protector and chose photos of Christmas decor around the house.

dec 12

We had a cookie exchange with neighbors. YUM.

dec 13

I love love love these rings from Silpada.

dec 14

I wanted a little bling on Christmas. My light pink nails with a little sparkle is so me!

dec 15

Made my famous chili. YUM!

dec 16I like to collect random shots from Christmas magazines to include in my album.

dec 17Jared has his own tree in his room. Everything is red since that’s his favorite color. He loves his own tree. :-)

dec 18

Elf is one of our Christmas movie favorites.

dec 19

Lamar got me a new iPhone! and it’s orange! LOVE!!!!!

dec 20

I need to remind myself that Christmas is about the birth of our Lord ABOVE ALL!

dec 21

We went to the Biltmore for the first time. OH MY GOSH! incredible.

dec 22

We went for a walk in Traveler’s Rest. Feeling the town out for a house!

dec 23

Sleepover with the boys!

dec 24

My husband got me Christmas tulips. He’s a keeper!

dec 25

Merry Christmas!

Supplies include:



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