It seems like many of us are playing catch up with December Daily, and I’m actually ok with that! Making the memories is more important to me than documenting them. I find I kinda like doing a few pages at a time anyway! I wanted to have some of my son’s drawings in my December Daily so i had him draw me a Christmas tree!

dec 6 right

My mom was visiting, so it’s great to see them reading together. I treasure that now we have moved 15 minutes apart as opposed to a 6 hour plane ride, we will get to have a lot more of these moments!

dec 7 left

My brother surprised me with this Christmas candy we used to get every year when we were little. I LOVE IT!

dec 7


dec 8 right

My husband bought me Christmas tulips. What a month this has been!

dec 8

Can’t have Christmas without Michael Buble!

dec 9 (2)


Supplies include:


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