I am loving the idea of making my own stuff! For me I know that I am taking care of my family better by not adding chemicals to our lives AND saving money at the same time. I am quickly becoming a supermom!

All you need Borax, Washing Soda, Salt, Lemon Juice and Citrus Fresh! I bought the Borax and Washing Soda from Amazon. The salt and lemons came from my local grocery store. The Citrus Fresh is from Young Living, the only brand I recommend.


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Now don’t laugh at me. I am also a foodie, so you won’t find bottled lemon juice in my house! I squeezed the juice real time! It’s totally ok to use the bottled stuff for the dishwasher tablets. I won’t judge. :-)


Mix all ingredients in a bowl and stir.


Then press the mixture into ice cube trays and let them dry overnight. These silicone ice cube trays are the appropriateĀ size as they fit into the dishwasher perfectly.


And voila!


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