As you can probably guess, purple is my favorite color! For the first week in February I raided my gray and purple stash. I’m finding that my planner is more of a weekly To Do list then a calendar, so it’s morphing as I go along to fit my needs. I think it’s going to end up being half and half and that works for me.

2016-02-04 08.29.02

I really like these blank list stickers from ColorCo, but I need them to be a little wider so i have more room to write. I just might have to make my own to accommodate my needs, but i sure love the color!

2016-02-04 08.29.13

I found this quote on pinterest somewhere my Maya Angelou. I want to get out of the surviving mindset and into the thriving one!

2016-02-04 08.28.53Supplies include:



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