Giving gifts is my main love language. It comes natural to me, so using making these goody bags is right up my alley! I like to give my son’s teachers a gift to start the year off right. Teachers work hard and I want them to know that I appreciate them from the start. These are also great for friends and family too as a way to introduce them to the products we love! I used to just use the gift bags from Michaels or Target and top them off with tissue paper, but then I saw a fellow oiler use these mylar bags and I was hooked! You can see what’s in them which is way better than digging through tissue paper!

2017-09-07 10.29.23

I repurposed the black filling from my Savvy Minerals orders and combined it with blue filling I picked up from amazon.

2017-09-06 14.39.06

Each bag has a ready to use spray bottle of Thieves Cleaner.

2017-09-06 15.42.14 has a ton of designs in the template section for the labels. Just create an account to get started. For these, click on “templates” then “design & print on line”.   Then  input 22846 in the “start a new project” box to see the designs options they have available. Super easy. Then I just picked the font I wanted and printed on my printer. Hint: To make these water resilliant, apply a piece of  packing tape over the label and around the bottle.
2017-09-07 11.05.50

I typed up the dilution ratios to print 3×4 as well.

2017-09-07 11.55.44

I added a brochure from Hello Essentials to give them an overall picture of our oils.

The goody bag also has 3 different ready to use roll ons. If you’re like me you have a gazillion 15ml empty bottles. I’m all about repurposing, so I used them along with an aroma glide roller fitment to make them. I designed a set of 12 generic compliant labels to add whatever recipe I wanted. They are waterproof and ready to just peel and stick!

2017-09-07 10.27.18Have you made your own facial scrub? Super easy and super inexpensive. You just need baking soda, coconut oil and whatever essential oils you want. I used lavender. I put a sample in these cute little jars. The stickers are Avery 5410. Again I used to design them and print locally.

2017-09-07 11.39.07

In these glassine wax bags I added these goody bag cards. They include: How to Sign Up, The Opportunity with Young Living, Premium Starter Kit and Tell Me About Essential Rewards.

2017-09-06 15.45.03The backs have the details. I wanted to introduce them to the income opportunites right away as well as tell them about the PSK, how to Sign Up and ER.

2017-09-06 15.45.19

Naturally, I added my biz card too. I love how it has a place to write notes and suggestions on the back.

2017-09-07 11.55.34I also added a Thieves postcard (which is also the blend in the Immunity roll on). Incorporating Thieves to boost immunity is at the top of my list.

2017-09-06 15.46.48

Lastly, I put a 2 inch round avery label on the outside of the bag. I used to design themand print locally. I picked colors that went with the black and blue filler paper to make it all cohesive.

2017-09-07 10.30.21

and Voila!!! Ready to go!


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