I can’t say enough about this hair serum. I used to spend a lot of money on products like biosilk and john frieda antifrizz serums and they didn’t even work as great as this one i make myself! These essential oils along with avocado oil are super nourishing for my hair. And it smells amazing!

All you need is:
10 Drops Rosemary
10 Drops Lavender
8 Drops Thyme
8 Drops Cedarwood
Avocado Oil

In a 3 oz travel bottle (I like these GoToob ones), add essential oils and top off with Avocado Oil.

I squeeze a little bit into my hand and work it into my damp towel tried hair first by applying it to the ends then throughout the rest of my hair. No more frizz here!

I’ve been making more and more of my own recipes at home for just pennies and there’s no chemicals and other unidentifiable junk in them. Some of my favorites include my nourishing facial wash, balancing deodorant, and a teammate’s recipe she calls her magic eye serum.

(Click here to learn more about purchasing essential oils if you do not have them already)

These essential oils from Young Living are my go to for our overall wellness routines. It makes a lot better sense to invest in our health instead of wasting money fighting things off. After 20 years in the business, Young Living is the pioneer in the industry and the only company I trust with my family’s well being.

How are you using essential oils? I love sharing tips and recipes!


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