I saw this video by Ree Drummond about this easy to make ice cream cake and knew I had to give it a try, with my own personal twist of course!

2016-07-01 18.42.17

You’ll need 3 kinds of ice-cream. I substituted the original recipe’s chocolate chip with coffee instead!

2016-07-01 18.42.33

You’ll also need a frozen pound cake.

2016-07-01 18.43.23

And lastly, 2 kinds of candy and shell topping. I substituted a heath bar in place of peanut butter cups and had to use reese’s shell topping since my grocery store was out of chocolate.

2016-07-01 18.52.58

Slice the pound cake into 3 even slices (horizontally).

2016-07-01 18.54.27

Place the bottom slice on the bottom of the loaf pan lined with plastic wrap.

2016-07-01 18.55.40

Add one cup of vanilla ice cream that’s a little softened to make it easy to spread.

2016-07-01 18.57.26

Spread ice cream evenly.

2016-07-01 18.59.42

Crush the package of M&Ms and sprinkle 3/4 of it on top of the vanilla ice cream.

2016-07-01 19.02.47

Add second piece of poundcake then top with 1 cup of chocolate ice-cream. Spread across the pound cake.

2016-07-01 19.03.12

Crush the Heath Bar. Use 3/4 of it to top the chocolate icecream.

2016-07-01 19.05.24

Put the last piece of poundcake on the top, flat side up. Spread one cup of coffee ice cream on the top.

2016-07-01 19.07.34

Top with Magic Shell and sprinkle the remaining candy on the top.

2016-07-01 19.08.07

Gently cover with plastic wrap and put in the freezer to harden.

2016-07-01 20.39.48

Remove from freezer and pull cake out of the loaf pan. Peel back the plastic wrap and slice. Voila!

It was so good! The creaminess of the ice cream with the crunch of the candy was so good! Next time I make it i’m going to use less cake anymore ice cream.



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