This week has been a little too cold for me, so I was feeling like using cool blues for my planner this week.


For me my To Do List spans the week as opposed to needing to get tasks done for a particular day. I just ordered these stackable checklists from ColorCoordinated in 3 categories: Blog, To Do, and To Make. They totally work for me!

My essential oils graphics business is booming! Not bad for month 1 at all! So I need to block out large chunks of time to work on them. This thin blue washi is perfect. It’s from a big rainbow roll of thin washi I picked up at Michaels.

I added some other stickers and a pic I just took of my son to finish off the left side.


On the right side I included a pic of my husband and our dog, Sage. I love getting see my family on a spread too. Keeps me reminded of how blessed I am. My lower right side usually includes a scripture to meditate on throughout the week. Loving my Kelly Purkey stamps!!!!!


Overall, I’m loving this blue scheme. :-)

Supplies include:



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