I’m slowly but surely getting the hang of putting my week together using my planner. I like that I can tailor it to fit my needs. There are so many great resources out there! My stamps from Kelly Purkey are a staple for sure, as well as these weekly horizontal pages from create2plan. Etsy has so many stickers!!!!! I can’t wait to get what I ordered to incorporate into my next spread!!

2016-01-04 11.44.12

One thing to note, the Work Planner stamps for my To Do list were wider than space blocked out for the day. It was easy to fix but simply putting down a piece of washi tape, then stamping and lifting the washi tape off to stay within the margins.

2016-01-04 16.35.50

I stamped “January” and the numbers of the day using Kelly Purkey’s Outline Letters Stamps and the gray ink from her Urban Ink Pads collection.  Monday was the day Jared returned to school so it was a perfect time to use my new School Planner stamps. My Get It Done list is more of a weekly thing then a daily thing, so I stamp several spaces on the pages to be able to capture them and check them off as I go.

At the bottom I used a sticker for my meal planning and another sticker to capture my daily totals for my essential oils biz. Lastly, I embellished with some stickers and die cuts. I love how it turned out!

2016-01-04 16.35.59

I am absolutely horrible at getting things done around the house, I admit it. So by putting a task on my Get It Done List, I’ll be sure to make the time to do the laundry! It might sound silly, but if I don’t write it down, it will just pile up. How’s your planner coming along?

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