For us Christmas begins the day after Thanksgiving when we get our tree. It ends the beginning of January when everything is packed and put back in the attic. I always think two things: 1. the house isn” t so festive, and 2. wow! we have a lot of room!

So as the door is closed on 2012 I think about the goals we have for the year. By putting them in my Project Life album, i know i”ll be reminded all year long to stay focused on what matters to our family.

01 jan p2

Life returns to its” normal rhythm as Jared goes back to school and I go back to work and do normal mommy stuff like grocery shopping and cooking dinner. I”ll be using that geotag cutout by Kinsey Wilson all year long from the Day by Day Class. I am loving the Day by Day class at Studio Callico!

The Snugglebug Reading Club is still in full swing. Definitely one of my favorite parts of the day. I love to tell stories with  Cathy Zielske“s Story Savers. How do you like to tell your stories? How”s your album coming along? Enjoy!

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