I started thinking about what my one little word would be for 2013 around Thanksgiving. Focus popped into my mind right away.

Last year my word was simplicity.  Around the house that meant cleaning out the closets and labeling items in the pantry and frig so i could find things easier. In my time it meant not committing to too many things that i really had no passion for. Spiritually it meant refining and improving on the things that God has put on my heart. I”ve realized that hospitality and joy are my two biggest gifts, so all the other stuff is mainly clutter that can be eliminated.

Bill Gates summed it up perfectly, “My success, part of it certainly, is that I have online casinos focused in on a few things.”  This year, i want to continue my work from 2012 and FOCUS on only the things that truly matter. I want to focus on my creative passions: Project Life, sewing, cupcakes and cooking in general. I want to focus on being a great wife and mom, and I want to focus on being in my lane where God wants me to flourish!

One Little Word is an Ali Edwards creation. Check out her blog for her word and how it all got started!



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