This year I want to be really intentional about our summer. What are some things we would like to do? I find that if I make things intentional they don’t remain on the bookshelf of my mind as a “that would be nice to do” task that never gets done!

I came across The Happy Family Movement Summer Bucket List Challenge and knew immediately I had to do it! There are things we’d like to do as a family and things we’d like to do individually. I’m going to include all of it. :-)

1. Take the Farm Tour

2. Watch Fireworks

3. Achieve Silver status at Young Living

4. Read 20 books

5. Have a Picnic

6. Go Fishing

7. Eat S’mores

8. Watch a Baseball Game

9. Get Conceal Carry Permit

10. Spend the Day on a Boat

11. Take a Trip to the Ocean

12.Visit Grandpa and Uncle David

13. Vacation with the Raddi Family

14. BBQ at Dee’s house

15. Eat Icecream from an Icecream Truck

16. Go Hiking

17. Visit 5 Waterfalls

18. Go to the Zoo

19. Get a Pedicure with Dee

20. Make Sun Tea

I want to include this activity in my Project Life Album, so i made a cover title card for it. Each activity till have a card with it so it’s easy to spot throughout the album. I can’t wait!


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  1. Jenny Solar

    June 2, 2014 at 12:59 pm

    thanks for sharing Elisa! We’re so happy to have you participating this year!!


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