04 april pages 3 and 4

Still catching up on April. Almost there… 04 april page 3

Between the cards from my monthly Studio Calico kits and Snap Studio I am hooked up!

There was an assignment at school to write about why you are lucky. This work was displayed at the mall along with all the other local schools. Jared was so excited to show us! He wrote, “I am lucky because I am not food. I am also lucky because I am not a tv being on and off. I am lucky because I am not a grown . I am lucky because I am not a lego set.” His friend, Erick, wrote, “I am lucky because I have an amazing wonderful family. My friend is also wonderful. Their name is Jared. This is why I am lucky.” I LOVE THAT!



Here”s the second page.

04 april page 4

You may be wondering, “what”s up with essential oils?” I know it sounds crazy, but our lives are forever changed. seriously!  We have come to the realization that God has put all we need at our fingertips. You have to laugh when you hear commercials for pharmaceutical  “side effects include nausea, dizziness and in rare cases death.” WHAT? It”s absurd. Yet I didn”t hesitate to grab a few advil or my husband some zyrtec.  We have seen immediate results with essential oils with zero side effects! Won”t you join the health train with me?


Supplies include:


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