I will forever be capturing the our lives’ memories. I go back to my albums often to remind myself what a great life I have. I don’t want to miss a moment!


My mom’s tacos were a staple growing up. I am proud to say that I have continued the tradition. Both my husband and son request my tacos often!

Speaking of my husband, occasionally we get to sneak out and have lunch at Panera Bread. He’s not fond of having his pic taken, but i like this shot. It still captures the memory and respects his space. :-)

My son’s teacher took a pic of the class and sent it to the parents. Love this. And of course, life with Jared and his bestie, Micah is a great thing. These two always bring out the best in each other!


Every now and then my son asks me to come to school at lunchtime to meet his friends. I love that his school encourages parents to come by. LOVE IT HERE!

Cupcake, our neighbor’s pit bull has become our favorite dog. We just love her. She’s sweet and gentle and kind. We love her so much, we want to get our own pit bull! Can’t wait to find her!

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