The last few weeks have been filled with ups and downs. Jared got straight A’s which is awesome!!!! I had to go to the ER for a bad reaction to medication. Fortunately, I’m ok now. Just confirms and solidifies my go natural philosophy!

I know I keep talking about how thankful I am that my mom moved here a year ago. But I can’t help it! It warms my heart to see her spending time with my son, imparting her art and songs to him. Those two laugh for hours. I am very thankful!


I’m down 8 pounds already. Been having my protein shake for breakfast with low fat yogurt, frozen berries and orange. yummy! Focusing on She Reads Truth for my daily devotional. Love that!

I wanted to capture John Lennon’s lyrics, so I found a sunflower pic on dollar photo club and used the fonts Chunk Five and LainieDaySH. I love how it turned out!


We love watching movies together, so Uncle David’s iTunes gift card was totally appropriate!

Pozole is a soup my grandmother used to make for us all the time. I think of her every time I make it.

Supplies include:


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