I haven’t been able to work on my project life the last few weeks, so I’m really excited that this spread came together so quickly!

01 jan p3

I’m loving the idea of sending out handwritten notes and goodies to people. It’s a long lost art for sure. I call it my happy mail. I hope to keep this practice up a long time. Who doesn’t love to get a flowery envelope in the mail!

I pulled this pic of Sarah and Cathy off of Sarah’s Facebook page. Love them both so much!!!! The pic of Jared was taken after piano class. We stopped at Rafferty’s to pick up some take out. We enjoyed a few quiet moments sitting in front of the fire while we were waiting. I’ve been trying to drink hot tea before bed. Can’t go wrong with chamomile and lavender. Lastly, Lamar sent me this selfie of he and Sage. That dog has quickly become a part of our family. Lastly, I went through my stash for some filler cards to finish the page.

01 jan p4

Jared had first school dance in January. The kids were all dressed in their 20’s attire. They did the charleston and everything! Sadly, this month we lost two legends. I like to capture things like this in my album too. We had a very brief snowstorm, not even an inch of snow. But enough to cover the grass for a day or so. I don’t miss the snow of NJ one single little bit!

Supplies include:


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