For the beginning of the year I wanted to recap a little bit of our journey with almost losing my mom. She was in the hospital from May-August, then with me from August-November. It was crazy hard and really scary. My faith went topsy turvy and I hung on to the Lord hard. Thankfully she’s still her with us and I’m forever grateful. The Design H pocket protectors are my favorite.


Another thing I like to do is Ali Edwards’ One Little Word. Every year I choose a word to focus on, to live with and allow it to shape my life. ┬áMy words have included:

  • 2016: Intentional
  • 2015: Flourish
  • 2014: Grow
  • 2013: Focus


Authentic has huge meaning for me at this point in my life. I realize over the years that I’ve let others define me, whether it be trying to fit into corporate america which i never was meant to fit in to begin with, to how to dress, how to be a mom, how to be a Christ follower or how to run my businesses. As long as I am authentic to my true self then I will be fulfilled and those around me will truly know me.


My authentic self is even reflected in the colors and papers I chose for this spread. I like shabby chic feminine things and i’m gonna embrace it! The Bloom collection, by Maggie Holmes is totally me. I especially love all the little snippets I can cut out and incorporate all over! The gray sticker letters are from Kelly Purkey. And you can’t go wrong with Amy Tangerine’s Life Stickers!


I’ve taken to eating this buddha bowls for lunch everyday and I can’t get enough of them. YUM! Onto a healthier thinner version of myself!

We rarely get snow and if we do it’s just a tiny bit. I don’t miss NJ winters one bit! What can I say about Sage? This dog has changed me so much! She snuggles in my lap every day and just sucks all the stress right out of me. She’s the best.

Lastly, oh my word! Are you watching This Is Us? It’s the best show ever! Heartwarming, hilarious and sad all at the same time!



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