Finally finished my last page in April! Focusing on our life right now: school, organic good and essential oils! I had a clogged ear which was a bit painful. I put a drop of lavender on a cottonball and put it in my ear. The pain went away as well as the pressure. This stuff works!  I added a few tidbits from my pinterest board. They go perfectly into my Project Life!  Here’s a few closeups.


Love this cute Solar app as an alternative to capturing the weather. I cut some of the edges of the flowers out of the card to lay over the corner.


I saw somewhere that people use lemon essential oil to wash their fruits and vegies. It gave these strawberries such a great fresh flavor and they lasted a bit longer in the frig.


Lastly, been working hard at including organic food in my son’s lunch every day. i love the progress we are making.

Supplies include:


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