What I love most about my project album is how other pages peek through each other, whether that’s from using different size page protectors or cut out items that show through the other side. It brings so much texture!

3-mar-p1I like to make my own title cards. Since St Patrick’s Day is this month, I used a lot of green. Since my mom moved here a year ago, there has been lots of time with my son. She imparts a lot of art to him and I love that!


Added a new book to read per Lindsay’s recommendation on how to motivate people. Gotta keep growing!

Occasionally I find that my son took a selfie on my phone. They are like little gifts when I come across them. Little gems for sure!

With the Spring, comes my bright orange shoes. My husband hates them. I love them! And also with Spring comes more food on the grill!

Supplies include:



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