I’ve finally settled into our Thanksgiving menu. Every year we try to incorporate a new recipe as well as our favorite staples from holidays past. Here’s what this year’s looks like:

Apricot & Tequila Glazed Turkey – Lamar and I made this one several years ago. The color from the chili on the bird is amazing! We thought my mom would like the added Mexican flair. YUM!

Sausage Brioche Dressing – My husband found this recipe while watching TV one day. It’s by far our most favorite dressing. We make it with local sausage from Gambrell’s Meats located in the upstate, Honea Path, SC! Hurray for local!

Pan-Seared Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries & Pecans –  This is our new recipe we’re trying this year. My mom and I love Brussels Sprouts, so I’m really looking forward to it!

Holiday Salad – I love the colors and textures of this salad. There’s crunch from the endive, citrus from the lemon, buttery texture from the avocado, sweetness from the corn and a little tart from the gruyere. Perfect combo!

Mashed Potatoes – We mash our potatoes with butter and mascarpone cheese. YUMMY.

My mom is making a dish with acorn squash and bringing both an apple and pumpkin pie. What are you cooking for Thanksgiving?



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