I find that if I devote about an hour over the weekend to planning out my dinners for the week that I spend less money on groceries and have less stress trying to put something together from whatever we have on hand. I came across this Menu Planning article by Penny Pinchin Mom and put it to use. It’s awesome! She provides this easy sheet to keep track of the meals and the grocery list together. And to make it even easier we decided on our week would be categorized like this:

  • Monday – Frittata
  • Tuesday – Beef
  • Wednesday – Soup
  • Thursday – Breakfast
  • Friday – Pork
  • Saturday – Naan Pizza
  • Sunday – Panini’s or Sandwiches

I started to look for frittata recipes and found one from Giada that had fontina cheese in it. I knew that I would only use half of the fontina and didn’t want the other half to go to waste. I remembered a pork sandwich I make that also uses fontina so that quickly became another dish. My menu looks like this.

I already had our pantry the following:

  • Organic Wheat Rigatoni
  • Organic Marinara
  • Homemade Organic Vegetable Stock
  • Naan
  • Organic Rice

I went to Publix armed with my list and spent $80! There were a few lunch items in there too. I am really happy with this process so far. I have wasted so much time on figuring things out at the last minute. I love anything that makes my life a little easier to manage. Thanks Penny Pinchin Mom!

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